The Restory: Ensuring Restoration is a Last Resort

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 11:30

With the warmer weather reminding us that summer is here, the time has come to reorganise wardrobes and gleefully rediscover your favourite strappy sandals, perfect bikinis and go-to beach bags.  However, before bidding a fond farewell and tossing those gorgeous knee-high riding boots and heavier coats to the back of the closet and booking a pedicure, here are a few tips that will ensure your favourite pieces not only survive out of season, but thrive.


Make sure you store these items somewhere that has good ventilation, temperature stability and no direct sunlight.  This way you can ensure your favourite party shoes escape mould damage or discolouration. It is worth bearing in mind that extreme temperatures can weaken fabric or warp the material, ruining the finish.


Break out the acid free tissue paper and stuff shoes, bags and boots to help maintain their shape.  Boot trees are very helpful for keeping boots upright and the shaft crease free. Store shoes and boots in boxes and handbags and in dust bags, a much better option than plastic.  Add a few cedar wood balls to keep the moths away, a far more fragrant choice than moth balls.


However, before you find yourself knee deep in tissue paper and dust bags make sure your pieces are really clean.  Any stains, marks or dirt you ignore now will not only be there when you get your items out again in a few months, they will have set in making them even harder, or maybe impossible, to remove.  Another tip is to carefully examine your items for signs of wear and tear; look for damaged heels, worn down soles, torn linings, discolouration or damaged hardware.


If you want to make sure that you are putting your out of season items away in perfect shape get in touch with The Restory through their website or soon via app. They are an on demand shoe and handbag restoration company, whose charming consultants will come to your door and discuss what care and attention your pieces need and ensure they get them.  Shoes, boots, bags, briefcases and even luggage are all whisked away to their Atelier where their skilled craftspeople will work their magic.


The services offered by The Restory’s skilled artisans cover a wide range.  Shoes might be in need of a simple clean and recondition, a new heel tip or sole replacement.  Along with a deep clean to remove all traces of the winter, boots might benefit from the replacement of the chamois leather lining in the heel.  Handbags, briefcases and luggage could also be in need of new linings, or a thorough clean to remove spillages and stains, with straps and handles repaired, clasps renewed or hardware replaced.


The Restory, with their ethos of revive, repair and reimagine are leading the way when it comes sustainable, circular fashion. Their underlying philosophy is to care for and maintain our quality purchases, preserving their value whether monetary or sentimental, associated memories and heritage. These superbly designed luxury items should exist for more than just a few seasons or even just a few outings. The Restory’s skills and experience ensure that investment pieces and beloved items are kept fit for purpose, improved and enhanced according to our needs.


Perhaps a favourite bag or shoes are simply not in fashion any more, the colour has faded or jars with your latest outfit. Then The Restory can very simply advise and consult on changing the look, colour or tone of the bag or shoes. Their Head of Atelier is also a designer so you can share your creative vision, collaborate or just look to her for inspiration to refashion them in keeping with the latest trends. Allowing  you to update them to fit with your latest style or just repurpose them to keep them fresh for you and your friends to appreciate anew. Why lose an incredible design to fickle fashion when it can be refashioned bespoke for you.


Once the restoration or refashion has been completed, your beloved items will be carefully checked over, beautifully packaged up with tissue, dust bags and personally returned to your door within 72 hours. The Restory will take care of these issues for you now, be they serious or cosmetic, which means that when you next unpack your favourite items they are in tip top condition for the start of the new season and you are fashionably ahead of the trend.



For media enquiries, more images or to arrange an interview with Vanessa Jacobs at The Restory, please contact:

Annabel Hirst at The eXcellence Group


T: +44 (0) 208 133 2460


Notes to Editors: The Restory is the brainchild of Vanessa Jacobs who started the service after a simple repair on her favourite boots went wrong. The Restory offers repair, restoration and refashioning of boots, shoes and handbags by highly skilled craftsmen, via the convenience of the internet but all the while maintaining a highly personal touch.

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