The Restory: Refashioning for Festivals

Whether you’re relying on your Saint Laurent Festival Rain Boots, Chloe Faye Mini Backpack or travelling light with your Moschino Leather Belt Bag don’t be caught out not looking your best this festival season. With over 14 million people attending festivals this year the last thing you want is to be wearing the same look as someone else and the only way to guarantee that is to go bespoke.


The Restory: Shoeshine Timeline


The Restory are bringing the shoe repair and restoration business into the 21st century.  Founder Vanessa Jacobs has established an all-female Atelier team who provide on-demand shoe & accessory restoration.  This skilled team have developed a variety of techniques, all a far cry from the days of the street corner shoeshine boy.


The Restory: Reviving, Preserving and Reinvigorating Our Handbags

If you were to ask a woman about her favourite things to buy there’s a very good chance the answer will be handbags and shoes, particularly gorgeous, designer bags. An iconic handbag, be it Fendi’s Baguette or the Kelly from Hermes, has become a serious object of desire not just for celebrities but for working women from all walks of life. For a woman, a handbag is an expression of who they are, it is both functional and symbolic, as well as a demonstration of their personal style.


Pilo & Co Tempo Automatic Skeleton Ladies Watch

Pilo & Co, the independent Swiss watchmaking brand, present the new Automatic Skeleton Tempo, exclusively dedicated to women.

Available in several versions combining different materials and finishes, this family of Swiss Made mechanical watches with automatic winding is open to view both front and back. The new Skeleton Tempo - the ultimate touch of style.

Ollivier Saveo Pure Breed Automatic Skeleton Swiss Watch

The Ollivier Saveo Pure Breed watch  is a fusion of sculpture, watch making and fine art jewellery. It epitomises in three dimensions the beauty of these three trades in which Ollivier excels. His first love was jewellery, he was awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” an extremely rare and prestigious award. His second and his speciality was watch design and movements, he worked for many of the finest Swiss watchmakers during his formative years. His third is the extremely delicate rendition of horses, cars and other natural forms in detailed miniature sculpture.

The Restory: Helping to Re-Imagine and Re-Story Your Wedding Shoes and Bags


Shoe repair is probably not the first service that springs to mind when you think about organising or attending a wedding. An idyllic venue, delicious food, champagne, beautiful flowers, gorgeous clothes and accessories, these are more than likely to be at the top of your list. However, the skills and services offered by a really good shoe restoration company can solve a myriad of problems, enhance many outfits and also provide some great gifts ideas for the bride and groom or even the bridesmaids.

The Restory: Reimagining and Restoring Your Holiday Accessories


Summer is here at last, faraway places, beaches, yachting and the social season beckon. There is a plethora of fantastic destinations where one can go to unwind, recharge and enjoy the benefits of stepping away from the everyday routine.  For some, that escape is a stunning beach in The Maldives or Fiji, for others it is time to hop over to the yacht in Monte Carlo or Lake Como, or relax and unwind by surfing in Bora Bora.


The Restory: Ensuring Restoration is a Last Resort

With the warmer weather reminding us that summer is here, the time has come to reorganise wardrobes and gleefully rediscover your favourite strappy sandals, perfect bikinis and go-to beach bags.  However, before bidding a fond farewell and tossing those gorgeous knee-high riding boots and heavier coats to the back of the closet and booking a pedicure, here are a few tips that will ensure your favourite pieces not only survive out of season, but thrive.


Hunton Yachts In Fort Lauderdale

After their great success at the Newport and Norwalk boat shows, Hunton Yachts are showing the superb XRS43 Speedbird and the XRS37 Flying Spur in Fort Lauderdale from the 4th November onwards.

Hunton will be hosting a series of sea trials and some visitors will be given the opportunity to drive this high performance luxury yacht, often described as the Aston Martin of the sea, due to its luxury hand crafting and sharp sophisticated silhouette.

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