Marané Swim Shorts Putting Thought Into Every Thread

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 12:00

Marané Swim Shorts Putting Thought Into Every Thread


With the weather at its warmest, beaches and oceans beckoning, thoughts inevitably turn to swim wear and with the trend across menswear to a more tailored and fitted cut; Marané Swimwear, a burgeoning Uruguayan label, has set out to re-imagine what good swimwear for men can be.


Two lifelong friends, Christine Serhal and Alessandro Aquilina, were inspired by the feeling of freedom and escape that the rugged and dramatic landscape of their hometown represented and thus Marané and the Manantiales swim short was created.


“We designed the Manantiales for the man who relishes the feeling of diving into the ocean,” said Alessandro “for the man who values quality and a classic understated style, someone who chooses his pieces wisely and invests in quality.”


It took them two years to develop, sourcing the best fabrics on the market and utilising the services of a London based tailor. “What we wanted to do was retain the comfort and familiarity of an elasticated waistband,” says Serhal, “whilst achieving the look of a fitted, and thus more flattering, short.”


Putting thought into every thread sometimes means no thread at all and their threadless bonded seam is a world first in luxury men’s swimwear. This sophisticated pressure-bonding technology means the short sits flat avoiding the billowing, baggy look of so much men’s swimwear and creates a clean and elegant outline yet the comfort and familiarity of a drawstring remains.


“We don’t believe in fast fashion,” said Christine “we are committed to quality and craftsmanship and everything we do is to the highest standard, there is meaning behind everything we do.”


Whether worn in the water or walking through the wilderness, Marané is characterised by a single minded attention to detail. The fabric is from Belgium, 100% polyester with exceptional quick drying properties, and a brushed finish that feels reminiscent of luxurious vintage cotton. There are nods to the heritage of the Manantiales; a flash of blue on the right vent, El Azul Marané, inspired by the Atlantic Ocean catches the eye and also matches the lining. The two Marané ‘x’s on the either side of the back pocket are inspired by “sogeria y trenzado criollo” a Latin American craft tradition and the cord ends are engraved with the Marané logo.


The Manantiales come in 6 solid colours, inspired by the natural environment of Punta del Este, they are understated yet powerful - Horizonte/Horizon, Soleado/Amber Sun, Sombra/Shadow, Atlantico/Atlantic, Marané Azul/ Marané Blue and Viento/Wind. 


In addition, Marané has launched with the Horizon Collection. The result of a collaboration with local artist, Claudio Pincas. The stunning three watercolours, Atlantic Sky, Sunset and After the Storm, reflect the spirit of Punta’s skyline. The paintings were sublimated directly onto the fabric without photoshop or editing in order to retain every brushstroke and detail.


The swim shorts are available online at as well as being sold exclusively in Europe at AP&Co in Zurich or from their store in Manantiales, Uruguay.


The Flagship store is much more than just a store, it is at the heart of the Marané vision, it is a physical expression of Marané’s essence. It is a place to find peace and tranquillity; to gather and feel part of a community; to share ideas and enjoy the beauty of a very special place.


Each evening all are welcome to enjoy the fire at the front of the store and to share some wine, empanadas and company. During the off season the store becomes a studio, a meeting place and a haven for international artists, writers, musicians and poets in the hope that they too will feel equally inspired


The store design is the result of a collaboration with local architect, Andres Villalba, and designer, Maria Gutierrez, to create a contemporary structure that blends in with the natural surroundings. In the summer it is an open and inviting space but during the winter months it can simply close up like a mysterious box.



For media enquiries / press visits or more images please contact:

Annabel Hirst at The eXcellence Group.


T: +44 (0) 208 133 2460 / +44 (0) 203 289 9779



Marané evolved from the lifelong friendship of Christine Serhal and Alessandro Aquilina. They created the elegant and timeless Manantiales swim short to reflect their love for Punta del Este and the ocean. The tailored looking Manantiales comes in 6 solid colours and 3 prints (the Horizon Collection) and are designed in Uruguay and manufactured in Portugal.  The classic swim short is available from their store in Manantiales or through their website and retails at £130 and £155 for the Horizon Collection.


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